Welcome Students

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Greetings and humble salutations to you all,

It is my honor and pleasure to formally welcome to you all to Lion Country on behalf of the Revival Administration of the Student Government Association. First, I’d like to congratulate you on taking the next step furthering your future. It is truly no mistake that you’ve chosen Florida Memorial University- the birthplace of the Negro national anthem “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” and the ONLY HBCU in South Florida as your home for the next 4 years.

Founded in 1879, this University has spent 139 years serving to instill in its students the values of leadership, character, and service to enhance their lives, the community, and the world through a transformational, liberal arts education.

As SGA, we are here to promote the welfare of the student body, develop a sense of leadership and responsibility for growth through initiative, and to fully execute the powers, responsibilities and duties entrusted to us by the administration.

As you get adjusted and settled for the experience of a lifetime, I would like to leave with you a few helpful suggestions to carry with you along the way. For starters, be open. Engage in networking with your peers in and out of the classroom to help you along the way. College is a chance to reinvent yourself; you can become the next student leader, a university ambassador or even a peer mentor. Your future is at your fingertips, seize every opportunity and create your own reality.

Become involved while here. At Florida Memorial University, our social culture is driven by over 40 top notch organizations. These on campus organizations are more than just clubs to join for fun, these organizations will teach you how to collaborate, how to remain disciplined and how to become a better you. I encourage you to find out about the organizations this campus has to offer and join a few.

My most important suggestion for you is to never forget why you are here. At the end of the day you are on the campus of Florida Memorial University to obtain your degree and become a product of an HBCU. Many of us steer off track when we begin to mix school with a demanding social life, juggling a job, or simply becoming too involved with student organizations. I’m not telling you to go to class and to your room. However, I urge you to never forget why you’re here. It’s easy to get distracted and even easier to fall behind. Have fun, be socially engaged, but make sure your academics come first in every situation.

Cheers, to new experiences, new solutions, new people and a new you. There are so many people on this campus waiting to see you grow and glow. We are waiting for you at the finish line Lions, but remember there is a pit stop of helpers on standby every step of the way.

You are never alone. We are all here with you. Start your engines, the journey begins now. “It is Your Time to Roar.”

Jovenel Pierre
2018-2019 Student Government Association President-Elect