Kickball Tournaments / Leagues


Teams consist of 9 players with up to 3 substitutes

Coed teams are allowed, however, at least 2 players of each gender must participate at the start of the game.

Open teams may consist of either gender. Any ratio of men and women may participate, including all male and all female teams.

The Game

The game will begin with a coin toss to determine who is up to kick first.

A game will consist of 5 innings with 3 outs per inning. After 3 outs have been made teams will swap their positions on the field.

The following count as an out:

  • A caught ball that has not touched the ground
  • Tagging a player with the ball when the player is off the base (Player can only be tagged below the neckline)
  • Tagging the base with the ball in hand before the opposing player reaches that base

Substitutions can happen only at the start of an inning. No substitutes allowed during innings unless there is an injury.

Fouls are those balls that cross the baseline before passing the first or third baseline.


Scoring in Kickball is simple. A run is scored when a runner safely reaches the home plate before the end of an innings. If the ball is kicked and clears the outfield boundary, the runner that kicked the ball (and any of those at the other bases) run unopposed to the home plate scoring a run each.