Flag Football League

Rules and Regulations

All teams are will be scheduled randomly and all intramural flag football rules will apply with the following exceptions:

  1. All players must wear appropriate clothing. No jewelry. Mouth piece is optional.
  2. All players must provide current Florida Memorial University students I.D. at check-in before all games. All players must appear on the original roster form.
  4. Games are played to 30 points or 24 minutes. (2) 12 minute half’s. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME!!!!
  5. Teams roster limit of 8 players, minimum of 4 players on the field.
  6. TD = 6 points, extra point = 1 point (5 yards out) or 2 points (12 yards out).
  7. Running (by handoff) is allowed, except in no-run zones.
  8. Quarterbacks cannot run. Direct handoffs or laterals are permitted.
  9. All players are eligible to receive a pass. One foot in bounds required.
  10. Only players starting 7 yards behind line of scrimmage can rush the passer.
  11. Quarterback has 5 seconds to attempt a pass or the play is ruled dead.
  12. All drives and changes of possession (except interceptions) start at the 5-yard line. Possessions starting as a result of an interception begin at the point of the interception. Interceptions may be returned by the defense. Ball will be spotted when defender is ruled down (flag pulled). Safety results in two (2) points and possession.
  13. Offense has 3 plays to cross the midfield line or score a touchdown.
  14. All offensive penalties = loss of down and yardage (5 or 10yds).
  15. All defensive penalties = first down and yardage (5 or 10yds).
  16. Any ball that hits the ground will be ruled dead. No fumbles.
  17. Ball must be snapped between legs. Direct snap is permissible.
  18. Laterals are allowed anywhere on the field.
  19. Cleats are allowed. No metal baseball spikes allowed. Must wear shoes to play, inspections will be made.
  20. Flagrant contact or fouls will not be tolerated. Offending player(s) will be immediately ejected from that game. Ejections result in (1) game expulsion from the next game.
  21. Five (5) second rule does not apply if ball is handed off.
  22. Continuous clock until last minute of each half. The clock with stop on all dead balls.
  23. Kansas City tie-breaker in effect for overtime games.
  24. Each team will receive (2) time outs per half’s.

Field dimensions are shown below:

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