Dodgeball Tournaments / League

Dodgeball Rules


  • Teams consist of six players with up to four substitutes. All players must be in uniform.
  • Coed teams may consist of either gender, however at least two players of each gender must participate at the start of each game.
  • Open teams may consist of either gender. Any ratio of men and women may participate, including all male and all female teams.


  • Substitutions must be made prior to the start of the game. No substitutions can be made during a game, except in cases of injury.


Retrievers are individuals designated to retrieve balls that go out of play. Teams are responsible for providing retrievers. The number of retrievers required will determined by the tournament director. Or you may use players that are out as retrievers.

  • Retrievers may not enter the court at any time.
  • Retrievers must wear retriever vest. If the retriever is an out player and a play has been made to allow them back in, that retriever must take off the retriever vest and can then return to game.
  • Retrievers are only allowed to field balls from their side of the court.


A regulation match consists of a pre-determined odd number of games of a single game type. The number of games and/or the time allotted may be altered to best suit time and attendance.

Game Types

Elimination Game

  • A game played until all opponents on one side have been eliminated. The first team to eliminate all its opponents is declared the winner.

Timed Game

  • A game played until pre-determined time limit expires or all opponents are eliminated on one side. If time expires, all remaining players are counted. The team with most players remaining wins the game.

Scored Game

  • A scored game is played as either an elimination or timed game with points awarded not for the win, but for the number of players remaining “in” at the end of each game.