3-on-3 Basketball Tournaments / League

Rules and Regulations


  1. 3-on-3 is a half court game played by two teams.
  2. Teams will consist of 6 players. (3 starters and 3 substitutes) Substitutions may be made after a made basket, foul shot or any stoppage of play.
  3. Games will be to fifteen 15 points straight up, or to 10 minutes; constant running time.
  4. Baskets will be worth 1 points
  5. Baskets behind the arc will be worth 2 points
  6. Ball possession changes hands after each basket unless a foul is called.
  7. A tie score after time is up will be a “sudden win” period (first to score.)
  8. Starting possession will be determined by a coin flip.
  9. Time outs shall be called by the referee only for injuries or special circumstances.
  10. A coin toss shall determine who takes first ball possession, with the alternate possession rule in effect for the remainder of regulation.
  11. Deliberate stalling or attempts to freeze the ball shall result in loss of ball possession (A warning will be issued before loss of possession.)
  12. The imaginary “check line” shall be the three point line extended.
    • Check the ball in after every made basket or stoppage in play.
    • A player must pass the ball in play from the check line after a score, foul shot or foul.
    • Call out the score after every made basket.


  • The duties of the officials shall include scoring, making all calls & time-keeping, determine whether fouls were during the act of shooting and making judgment calls on double (offensive and defensive on same play) fouls calls.
  • The officials have the final say in any call made.
  • The officials can penalize any player, substitute, or coach for unsportsmanlike conduct by immediate ejection and banishment from the area. The referee shall have power to make decisions on any point not specifically covered by the rules and to take over full referee duties if the game becomes out of hand.


  • All common, personal and technical fouls shall be counted against a team total.
  • An individual player cannot foul out of a game but may be ejected by the official for cause.
  • Once a team or teams get to a seven (7) fouls against them the other team gets a free shot from the free throw line and there is a change of position. Once a team or teams get to ten (10) fouls against them the other teams gets a free shot from the free throw line and keep position of the ball.

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