FYIs and FAQs

FMU students are required to use their FMU email address when communicating with the Office of Housing and Residential Life

Q: What is an RA?

Resident Assistants (often referred to as RAs) are undergraduate students who live in the residence halls and respond to issues related to life in on-campus housing. They also facilitate educational, cultural, and social programs that foster a feeling of community within their residence hall.

Q: What is an RHC?

Residential Hall Coordinators (often referred to as RHCs) are professional staff members who live in the residence halls. They oversee move-in and move-out, room reassignments and low-level conduct violations. RHCs supervise the RAs in their building and serve on a regular on-call schedule to handle emergencies outside of business hours.

Q: What is the cost of housing? How much does it cost to live on campus?

Please see

Q: Do I need a meal plan?

All residents must have a meal plan. See rates here:

Q: Is campus housing available for first-year students?

Campus housing is available to students who have been fully accepted to the university and are enrolled in classes for the upcoming academic semester. New Students do NOT have to pay a housing fee. They are only required to pay the $200 fee as required by Admissions. New students have to complete a housing application on using the FMU credentials provided by

Returning students are required to submit a $250.00 housing fee and complete the housing application by the posted deadline.

Q: How do I qualify for on-campus housing?

Students must be registered for classes for the Academic Year and have paid the required fees. First Year Students must have paid the $200 fee required by Admissions. Returning Students must have paid the $250 housing fee to the Bursar’s Office.

Q: Can graduate students live in on-campus housing?

No. Graduate students are not permitted to live on campus. Only undergraduate students are allowed to live on campus.

Q: Where do new/first year students live?

Male-identifying students live in Goode Hall and Female-identifying students live in Robinson. More information here.

Q: Where do upperclassmen live?

Upper-class students live in the LLC residence halls. They are all single gender.

Q: Where can I find the housing application?

Students should go to and log in using their FMU credentials (FMU username and password).

Q: Where do I get my FMU credentials?

New students should receive their FMU credentials (email, username, and password) via email once they have completed all the required documents and payments based on instructions from Admissions.

If a student is having difficulty accessing their username and password, they should contact CyberZone at

Q: Are rooms assigned differently during COVID-19?

Students living in Robinson will only have 1-2 roommates for Fall 2021. Our room usually accommodate 4 residents, but we are only allowing 2-3 residents to select rooms in Goode and Robinson Suites in the LLCs will have 2-4 residents.

Q: What is Housing and Residence Life doing to protect and support students during COVID-19?

We are holding some rooms offline that will be designated for Isolation and Quarantine (I/Q) for students who test positive for COVID-19 or are in close proximity to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. These rooms will be cleaned by professional staff. Students who are assigned to I/Q will be provided with meal delivery, contact information for health providers on campus and in the Miami-Dade area, and have regular communication with our contact tracing staff and housing staff.

Per guidance from the CDC, residential students who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate. Students who are in close proximity with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to quarantine. If we have available rooms on campus, the student will be required to isolate or quarantine in the designated isolation room. If we do not have any available rooms on campus, the student will need to isolate off-campus.

For more information, please review FMU’s Protect the Pride Plan.

Q: Can I change my room?

The room change application will be available on eRezLife during the week of September 6th.

Q: Can I pick my room?

Yes, you can. Once you have cleared the necessary offices and filled out the Housing Application, you can select your room. First Year students are required to live in Robinson or Goode, depending on their gender-identity. Returning Students typically live in one of our Living and Learning Community (LLC) buildings.

Q: Can I pick my roommate/s?

Yes you can. Once you have completed your Housing Application in you will be able to select your roommate/s in the portal.

Q: If I have a documented medical need for housing/general accommodations, what should I do?

You should email Dr. Cantu at for assistance with the policy and required forms.

Q: What size are the beds?

Each room comes with a Twin XL bed frame and mattress. You will need to bring your own bed linens.

Q: What type of furniture is provided in each room?

Each student has a desk, desk chair, bed, dresser and closet space/wardrobe.

Q: What should I bring to college?

Here is a comprehensive list.

Q: Will there be an area around my hall to load my car?

We have designated parking areas for each hall where students are able to load/unload their belongings.

Q: What is the mailing address for my hall?

To receive letters and packages students should use the University’s address:

15800 NW 42nd Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33054

The campus mail room is located in the J.C. Sams building on campus.

Q: Is the campus safe?

The University prioritizes the safety of all community members by having Campus Safety staff on schedule 24 hours every day. FMU is a closed campus, and Campus Safety monitors the entry and exit point as well as completing regular rounds of the campus. Additionally, Housing and Residence Life has RHCs and RAs in each hall to ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

Q: In my residence hall, who can I go to with questions and concerns?

You can always contact your RA with any concerns. If your concerns are unable to be addressed by the RA, please contact your hall’s RHC; they are available on the first floor of your hall Monday-Friday during regular business hours. Outside of business hours, you can reach out to the RA On Duty. The RA On Duty works each evening from 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM doing rounds and desk duty.

Q: Are there special events for residents during the weekend?

The RAs and RHC in your hall host great opportunities to have fun and build community in your hall through the year. Programs are how we keep you engaged with the community!

Q: How do I do my laundry?

There are laundry rooms located in each residence hall. Each wash cycle is $1.50 and each dryer cycle is $1.25. Students can pay for laundry with their personal credit/debit card or by loading money onto their Student ID card.

Q: How do I report repairs needed in my room?

Students can submit work order requests at this link:

Once submitted, the work order will be reviewed by our Facilities staff.

Q: Do the residence halls remain open during holidays and breaks?

The residence halls typically remain open for Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break. For Winter and Summer Breaks, the residence halls close. The Housing Contract lists all opening and closing dates for residence halls and is updated each year to reflect the academic calendar.

Q: Do students have to remove all of their belongings from their rooms during breaks?

Students are allowed to leave belongings in their room at the end of the Fall Semester in December. However, they must show proof of registering for Spring classes and clearing the necessary offices. Students who do not clear or who are not returning for spring semester are required to fully vacate their rooms by removing all belongings. We encourage students to always take sentimental and valuable items home with them on school breaks.

Q: Are the halls open for the summer?

Students who are registered for summer classes and have cleared the Business Office can apply for on-campus housing for each summer session.

Q: I am new student, I have questions about on-campus housing.

New students can attend one of our weekly Thursday information sessions at 5pm EST for assistance.

Q: How do I contact the main housing office:

You can email or call (305) 626-3718

Q: How can I learn more about housing selection?

Click here for housing selection information.