Parental Notification


FMU is committed to the success of its students both inside and outside of the classroom. Therefore, it is our goal to maximize students’ learning and development, and promote their health, safety, and welfare. In this regard, FMU has implemented a Parental Notification policy. The Parental Notification policy permits the University the right to inform parents or guardians when their student has been found in violation of the University Alcoholic Beverages and Substance Abuse policy. The policy also permits notification in health and safety emergencies regardless of student age or dependent status.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows for the Office of Student Conduct to discuss alcohol and drug violations of dependent students. For parental inquiries regarding other types of policy violations, the student would need to have a “FERPA Consent Form” on file with FMU, allowing for Student Affairs matters to be shared with specific persons, without any specified restrictions.