Incident Reporting Form

If you need to report an emergency, call Campus Safety at (306)626-3771, or dial 911.

The Office of the Dean of Students within the Division of Student Affairs at Florida Memorial University is charged with upholding the Student Code of Conduct, which identifies behavioral expectations for all students on and off campus. If you have knowledge of an FMU student violating the Student Code of Conduct, you are encouraged to notify our office of the incident.

Reportable behaviors may include Student Code of Conduct violations, a student who you feel may be struggling physically or psychologically, or any other behaviors of concern that you would like to see addressed or would like to discuss. When completing this form, please include your name, title, and contact information. Please note that anonymously submitted forms may limit our effectiveness in dealing with concerning behavior.

Furthermore, please realize that the individuals involved may be afforded certain privacy rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which established requirements regarding the privacy of student records. Please note that students have the right to inspect any information submitted regarding this matter.

Incident Reporting Form
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