AVP of Student Affairs

Welcome to Florida Memorial University Lions! The Division of Student Affairs team is excited to have you here and can’t wait to help make our campus your home away from home. We know you have the potential to do great things, and with our guidance, we can help you excel! Our job is to help you discover how to manifest it. Talk is cheap, but actions speak volumes. We’re committed to providing all our students with exposure, engagement, resources, and opportunities that will help them build a solid foundation on the road to success.  

Our division is home to the following areas: Career Development Center, Cheer Program, Conduct Affairs, Dean of Students, Housing & Residence Life, Student Engagement & Leadership (includes: Intramural Sports, Student Government Association, Royal Court and Greek Life), and University Counseling & Support Services.  

Our students are why we do what we do and work hard to provide the resources you need. We care about our students because you are the life of FMU. When it comes to your academic, professional, leadership, and personal development, we are committed to helping you achieve your goalsAt FMU, our values are: Leadership, Character, Service, Scholarship, and Accountability.